4th Place Macro Ocean Art 2015 Dennis Corpuz

4th Place Macro

Dennis Corpuz

"Yawning Goby"


Dennis won a 7-night dive package with Atlantis Philippines Puerta Galera or Dumaguete!

The story:  I was completely hopeless that this animal will give me a good yawn... First, I observed its behavior and found out that during their relax time this goby promptly yawn each time, hence, this goby should not be chased and must be on a relaxed pace to witness this yawning moment. Eventually, I was on a perfect buoyancy state, I gently held my breath and pushed my camera forward slowly and took two to five shots in row, (as low continuous mode 5 frames per second) and then I had to move backward after each successful shot before running out of breath hold and resume breathing. Continuously doing that ...  Finally, I captured it yawning in the frame while looking at my lens camera. 

Location:  Maynilog, Anilao, Philippines  

Camera:  Nikon D7000 in SEA&SEA housing, Nikon 105 mm Macro lens, Fit pro + 10 

Settings:  1/320, F/36, ISO 160


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