4th Place Compact Macro Ocean Art 2015 Dennis Corpuz

4th Place, Compact Macro

Dennis Corpuz

"Boxing Skeleton"


Dennis won a 7-night dive package with Atlantis Philippines in Puerta Galera or Dumaguete!

The story:  Story behind the shot: I've heard one of the hardest subject to photograph for macro was a skeleton shrimp. And so therefore, I sat the appointment and made the whole dive to challenge myself to get a good copy of even just one. Initially I was taking a photo of a single skeleton until another came up above and emerge to fight the other skeleton, it was hard enough to capture them both fighting together inside the frame in these angle. In total, I made 190 shots and only one successfully came out this position.  (P.S.I used DIY snoot to make this photo in perfect black background).

Location:  Coconut point, Anilao Philippines 

Camera:  Canon Powershot G15 + Aquako 4 diopter

Settings: 1/320, F/7.1, ISO 80


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