4th Place Cold Water Ocean Art 2015 Jorgen Rasmussen

4th Place Cold Water

Jorgen Rasmussen

"Top Predator Checking You Out"


Jorgen won a gift certificate with Bluewater!


The story:   Leopard seals are intelligent and agile apex predators perfectly adapted to the icy Antarctic waters. Enormous jaws and equally impressive teeth allow them to prey on many animals including penguins, other seals and even tiny krill. When I dive with them I am not entirely sure who is watching who. The usual cautious approach we experience with most marine life doesn’t seem to apply to Leopard seals. They are bold and daring and their behaviour can be intriguing and at times intimidating. We had one making a quick turn and a dash for our zodiac. Before we could react, with one big bite, it had punctured the boat –  time for retreat and repair.They often blow bubbles and swim straight to the camera demonstrating their enormous jaws and teeth, but after spending time with them in the water, you realise their playful and sometimes cheeky nature. A truly incredible encounter.

Location:  Near Booth Island, Antarctica

Camera:  Nikon D800E Camera, Nikkor 14-24mm lens, Seacame housing, dual Ikelite DS161 strobes

Settings:  1/250s @ F5.6 / ISO 250. Dual strobe fired at 1/8th 1/4th output. 



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