4th Place Behavior Ocean Art 2015 Filippo Borghi

4th Place Marine Life Behavior

Filippo Borghi

"Cuttlefish in Love"



Filippo won a 7-night dive package at Aiyanar Dive Resort, Anilao.


The story:  I was at the end of diving in beginning of summer time at Giglio Island, where I was looking for sun fish, and during the deco time I saw a beautiful cuttlefish swim very slowly in front of me. I set my camera and strobe and followed the animal. The cuttlefish was not scared of me.  I start shooting when the cuttlefish made a fast move behind a rock. I swim there and when I arrived I discovered the cuttlefish had found another one and they started mating.  It was first time I had seen this beautifull behavior - the cuttlefish looked like they were kissing each other.  They gave me time for take pictures of this incredibile moment. After a minute they separated and swam away.


Location:  Giglio Island, Italy

Camera:  Nikon D800E, Subal housing, Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens, dual Ikelite DS160 strobes



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