3rd Place Supermacro Ocean Art 2015 Dennis Corpuz

3rd Place, Supermacro

Dennis Corpuz

"Full of Eggs"


Dennis won a 7-night dive package at Atlantis Dumaguete or Puerta Galera!


The story:  It was close to full moon when I gotten this shot. For your info, during this moon pace I have studied their behavior and came often seeing jawfish brooded their eggs in their mouth. To have set my appointment to this moon seasonal critters particularly this jawfish with eggs. Firstly, I had to be as patient as an ox, a symbol of very firm and slow to initiate the gentle approach to my subject. In addition, so happy that among other jawfish with eggs that I had encountered, this one was very cooperative and as tame as my old dog. Happily, within 26 shots... few good shots were made before it finally went inside its burrow.

Location:  Anilao Pier, Anilao, Philippines

Camera:  D7000 in sea and sea + 105 mm Macro lens + SMC-1



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