3rd Place Compact Behavior Ocean Art 2015 Jens Schultz

3rd Place, Compact Marine Life Behavior

Jens Schultz

"Poor Octopus"



Jens won a gift certificate with Bluewater Photo or Bluewater Travel!


The story:  Amazing Night Dive In Laha , Ambon November 2015. A dive with a lot of Strange Critters and Hunting Moray Eel. I was looking for a small Box Fish. Just in the right Moment I look to the Right. And I Saw this Hunting and Eating Moray Eel. It Was Amazing, Octopus was huge. But no chance.

Location:  Indonesia, Ambon, Laha, Laha 1

Camera:  Olympus Tough TG 2, Underwater Housing Olympus PT-053, Strobe Sea and Sea ys-d1




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