2nd Place Supermacro Ocean Art 2015 Marco Fierli

2nd Place, Supermacro

Marco Fierli

"Red Carpet"



Marco won a 3-night dive package at Siladen Resort in Indonesia!


The story:  Triplefin Blenny (Tripterygion xanthosoma) is quite a common species found in Wakatobi reefs. At 2cm in size is however difficult to photograph at minimum focusing distance with a strong wet diopter in front of the lens.  Normally, this fish rests on Madrepora coral and skips around quickly as it detect threats. This blenny was resting on a small red fan that was leaning out from a vertical wall and positioned parallel to the bottom. A photographic opportunity given its position and uniform color.  In manual focus, I brought the lens to its minimum focusing distance and position the strobes very close to the diopter front element to attain the softest light possible. It took a good 40 minutes to be able to creep in and click at the right moment.

Location:  Wakatobi Dive Resort, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Camera:  Canon 5DMKIII in Nauticam, canon 100mm macro IS, nauticam SMC1 diopter, 2x Inon z240 strobes




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