2nd Place Macro Ocean Art 2015 Marco Gargiulo

2nd Place Macro

Marco Gargiulo

"John Dory"


Marco won a 7-night dive package in a deluxe bungalow from Villa Markisa 


The story:  It was the 27 of December when i went to dive with my friend Fabio in the place where we often find seahorses. That night we were unlucky because none were seen. When we were coming back to the shore, looking in the dark with my torch, I saw the presence of this beauty. So i started to shoot a series of images before coming up. This fish usually lives at great depth, but during winter, with the cooling of the superficiale waters, they come into shallow waters to feed. Because of this, winter is a good time to meet Zeus faber.

Location:  Spiaggia Caterina, Sant'Angello, near Sorrento (Naples), Italy

Camera:  Nikon D800 with ISOTECNIC Isotta Housing, Micro Nikkor 60 mm and dual strobes INON Z240 optical wired.

Settings:  1/160, f14, ISO 100



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