2nd Place Compact Wide-Angle Stephen Holinski

2nd Place, Compact Wide Angle

Stephen Holinski



Stephen won the $500 gift certificate from Ikelite!

The story:  During the winter months, water clarity around Hornby Island in British Columbia is nothing short of fantastic, making it a perfect time to visit the local sea lion colony with Hornby Island Divers. The stellar sea lions that live at this colony are energetic, curious, and have no sense of personal space. During one of our dives, my dive buddy was enjoying a momentary lapse in the excitement when a very young sea lion came to say hello. This inquisitive little guy latched on to my buddy for a few moments before calmly swimming away - a nice little moment before the larger sea lions came back to play. 

Location:  Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada

Camera:  Sony RX-100, Ikelite Housing, Sea and Sea YS110a strobes, and UWL-04 wide angle lens.

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