2nd Place Compact Behavior Ocean Art 2015 Abimael Marquez

2nd Place, Compact Marine Life Behavior

Abimael Marquez

"Yellow Throat"


Abimael won a $1000 gift certificate with the Nautilus Explorer and Belle Amie!

The story:  TWhile looking between the sparse seagrass subjects to portray, I noticed the presence of this unique Bluethroat Pikeblenny at the entrance to a hole in the sandy bottom, immediately I proceeded to realize the adjustments in my photographic equipment and to approach slowly in hoping that he should get accustomed to my presence, once realized several photographic shots with your body partially inside the hole, noticed that, on having approached more, it opened that amazing “yellow gullet” while he was observing me, offering to me that unique and wonderful opportunity.

Location:  Crash Boat, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Camera:  Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100, Nauticam housing, 2 x INON Z-240 Strobe and INON Close-up Lens UCL-165M67



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