2nd Place Behavior Ocean Art 2015 Lureen Ferretti

2nd Place Marine Life Behavior

Lureen Ferretti

"The Delivery"


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The story:  I was fortunate enough to have seen seahorses participating in their pre-mating ritual before.  When I saw these two swimming tail in tail, appeared to be singing and exhibiting "flirting" behavior, I knew I was in for a special treat.  I watched and waited for close to 90 minutes until they finally swam up into the water column together.  I moved in as close as I could without interfering.  As you can see, the female is very aware of my presence and appears concerned.

Location:  Phil Foster State Park/Blue Heron Bridge - Riviera Beach, FL USA

Camera:  Canon Rebel T1i, Canon 100mm macro lens, dual Inon strobes, SEA&SEA housing.



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