1st Place Supermacro Ocean Art 2015 So Yat Wai

1st Place, Supermacro

So Yat Wai

"Skeleton Shrimp"


So won a 4-day dive Package with Scuba Seraya in Bali, Indonesia!


The story:  Owing to the shallow depth of field of super macro photography, it is hard to get both claws, face and tentacles in focus. Therefore i had kept shooting when I feel all these target points nearly rest in same focal plane. I have took around 60 shoots in order to get the skeleton shrimp stay in the centre of the frame and all target points in sharp focus. 

Location:  Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia

Camera:  Canon 5D MkIII, Sea & Sea Housing, Canon 100mm macro lens, SMC, dual Inon z240 strobes, Light & Motion Photo 800 focus light



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