1st Place Nudibranchs Ocean Art 2015 Roland Bach

1st Place, Nudibranchs

Roland Bach

"Sunny Day"


Roland won a YS-D2 strobe from SEA&SEA!


The story:  This photo was taken on the North coast of the Balearic island Minorca on a place called Punta den Siulet. It shows a Felimare picta in a very nice posing. The proplem was to bring the sun and nudi together in this shot because there was very little space for the housing and strobe. So I had to wait about 10 minutes. When I have seen the result of the shot I just thought "in the end it was a good idea to let my buddy wait.

Location:  Mediterranean / Balearics / Minorca / North coast / Punta den Siulet

Camera:  Nikon D300, 10,5mm Fisheye + 1,4x TC, Sealux housing, Strobe: Nikon SB900



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