2nd Place Marine Life Behavior Ocean Art Safe Under The Sea

2nd Place Marine Life Behavior Ocean Art Safe Under The Sea

Naomi Rose




The Story: While searching for wildlife in the blue waters off Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia, the unmistakable long yellow shape of a sea snake came into view. I slipped in the water and edged closer, hoping it wouldn’t dive before I got there. It soon became clear that I was actually looking at two snakes - a male wrapped around a female, intertwined during the mating process. I had to focus on getting the shot but my mind was exploding with excitement, knowing I would probably never see this again. In the big blue ocean, when sea snakes find their mate, they interlock and don't separate until it's all over. They must surface for air during this time, but it's the female who is in control. The male holds on and tries to gasp enough air before she decides to dive. After a few minutes, this lady snake descended, pulling the determined male along behind her. I couldn't help but think of the odds they had to overcome to find each other in a vast ocean, just like soulmates. 

Location:  Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay, Western Australia 

Equipment Used:  Nikon D810, Sigma 15mm, Nauticam NAD810. No strobes

Camera Settings: F/9, 1/250, ISO 320

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