2nd Place Coldwater Ocean Art Safe Under The Sea

2nd Place Coldwater Ocean Art Safe Under The Sea

Tobias Friedrich

"Sub Zero"



The Story:  We were in Greenland especially to photograph divers next to icebergs. Conditions were quite extreme with minus two degrees Celsius water temperature and out side sometimes up to mins 27 degrees Celsius with wind chill factor. The challenge was also to get all the gear on the ice and to find nice icebergs that are frozen into the ice. This special iceberg looks promising after the first dive so I told the diver to get underneath it exactly in the middle and to point his lamps towards to bottom of the ice. 

Location:  Tasiilaq Fjord, Tasiilaq, East-Greenland

 Equipment Used:  Canon EOS 1DX Mark II Camera, Canon 8-15mm Fisheye Lens, Seacam Silver Housing, Seacam Seaflash 150D Strobe

Camera Settings: 1/60 sec, F4, ISO 800


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