1st Place Portrait Ocean Art Safe Under The Sea

1st Place Portrait Ocean Art Safe Under The Sea

Jacopo Brunetti

"Vertical Approach"




Jacopo won a Sea Dragon 3000F Auto Light from SeaLife




The Story: I took this shot during one of our mako sharks expedition in Cabo San Lucas, MX. Mako sharks display a strange behaviour called gaping. Mouth gaping in sharks has been considered to be either a threat display or a response to their innate territorialism especially when multiple makos are around. Makos are also attracted by the electricity of the camera, that's why sometimes they gape at divers and bite the camera dome. This mako was a real player, he bited my dome 4 times on the same dive, this photo is the instant before he bites my dome. This mako was around 8 ft, it showed up from the deep on the typical vertical approach, like a silver rocket, amazing, pure adrenaline!

Location:  Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Equipment Used:  Nikon D500 Camera, Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye Lens, Aquatica Housing, Aquatica Mini Dome Port

Camera Settings: 1/400 sec, F8, ISO 400


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