New Inon Canon S90 Wet Lens Mount

Inon Canon S90 Wet Lens Mount

The Japanese company Inon, a well-known manufacturer of lenses and accessories for underwater cameras, has recently launched a new set of accessories for the Canon PowerShot S90 underwater housing

The 28AD DC35 mount base allows  you to install Inon 28AD Mount series wet lenses.

Wet Lens options

The 28AD mount series attachment lens lineup consists of UWL-100 28AD wide conversion lens to shoot a wider area and its super wide option, the Dome Lens Unit for the UWL-100.

The AD Mount series UCL-165AD close-up lens, which is used to shorten the minimum shooting distance, is also usable. INON supports wet lenses to shoot all different types of subjects from semi fish-eye to supermacro underwater subjects.

This is exciting news, because it means there is another new fairly inexpensive option for shooting wide-angle underwater photography with a compact camera, although the controls on the Canon housing are limited compared to higher-end S90 housings. 

Please let us know if you've tried out this new setup!




A detail of the DC 35 Housing and the Wet Lens 


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