Ridlon & Carin Kiphart, aka Sharkman & Mantagirl

We are known affectionately as Sharkman and Mantagirl, each name referring to our favorite ocean critter though our passports say Ridlon and Carin Kiphart. Our passion is for everything under the waves. And like you, we are all about creating amazing underwater imagery and have been doing it around the globe for the past 15 years. We are founders of Ocean of Hope Foundation, a non profit foundation dedicated to restoring the health of the ocean through education in the US and abroad and Live Adventurously, a company dedicated to living life off the couch and helping others do the same through dive travel.


As members of the Explorers Club, our passions are travel and diving and u/w imaging and exploration of the world’s most “amazing” places. Our favorite location is “off the beaten track”, our preferred roads are “unpaved” and our most beloved dive sites are “exploratory”. We’ve been to well over 100 countries and spend 8-10 months of the year on the road and under the waves. It’s the best life we can imagine.