Randy Harwood

Randy Harwood has been SCUBA diving since 1975 and has been photographing the marine environment for over 20 years. Diving all over the world, he has visited Mexico and Latin American, many of the islands in the Caribbean , Hawaii, Fiji, Micronesia, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Republic of the Maldives, French Polynesia, the Philippines, Africa, Cocos and Malpelo Islands and Australia. He regularly dives in California and still considers the kelp forests of California a favorite dive destination.

Active in the Los Angeles Underwater Photographic Society for over 20 years, he has served as the Society President for almost 8 years.

Randy’s “Underwater World” calendar has been in continuous publication since 1986. He has contributed numerous photographs and articles to books, advertising media and magazines, including “Outdoor Photographer”, “SCUBA World”, Rodales “SCUBA Diving”, “Outdoor California” and many more.