Canon S95 announced

Canon S95 camera announced

Adds 720p HD video to the Canon S90


The Canon S90 was an excellent choice for underwater photography due to it's great wide-angle wet lens options, and the additional of 720p HD video makes the Canon S95 even better.

The camera also adds IS image stabilization,which is a great feature to have. Other than that, most things are pretty much the same as in the Canon S90.

Will the camera fit inside a Canon S90 underwater housing?

New housings are out for the Canon S95. The control ring has been "enhanced", so it may (or may not) have problems in existing housings. Also, it is 1mm slimmer, so unfortunately the body is not the exact same size.

Canon's official S95 page is here - but be careful, it's heavy on the marketing hype.

  • Sensor: 10 megapixel, same sensor as the Canon S90
  • Lens: F2.0 minimum aperture, 28-105mm lens, same as the S90
  • Video: 720p HD video (1280x720) @ 24fps, using the excellent H.264 codec. It's not as good with action/panning as 30fps, but you can't have everything. The camera does not autofocus during the video recording.
  • Controls: Full manual + RAW; has 2 excellent control rings
  • LCD: 3 inch
  • Available: end of August for $400 in the USA
  • Competitors: Panasonic LX5, Olympus XZ-1


Canon S95 Underwater Housings

There are new Canon S95 underwater housings from Canon, Ikelite, RecSea and FIX. We like the RecSea S95 underwater housing, we've tried them out and the quality is outstanding - here's our RecSea S95 review.

Canon has announced the Canon WP-DC38 underwater housing for the S95. I'm sure it will very similar to the existing Canon S90 underwater housing.


 canon s95 camera


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