About the Underwater Photography Guide


   The Underwater Photography Guide was written first from my passion for photography, and carried on because of my love of sharing with others how to get more out of it.


   Underwater photography can be very intimidating to a novice. Many photographers have pro-level setups, and may not want to be bothered by new photographers.


   This web site is meant to be an online resource for all underwater photographers irrespective of level. I want knowledge to be accessible for more photographers and divers.


   I'm proud to have created the very first free online underwater photography guide. This guide is now over 1,000 pages in depth, and it seems like there is still so much more to write about! Over a hundred contributors have added their expertise and helped make this the number one resource worldwide for learning underwater photography.


   If I can get more people interested in underwater photography, and keep them in the hobby, then they too can make a difference educating the world about the habitat underwater and preserving the unique animals that live there. If there are more people taking photos that they want to share, it's going to drive interest in scuba diving and preserving our world's oceans.


  If you have learned something from this guide, or you just want to say hello, please drop me a line.


Scott Gietler

Marina del Rey, CA

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About the Owner


   Scott is the owner of the Underwater Photography Guide, Bluewater Photo and Bluewater Travel, and is known in California as a passionate underwater photographer with a huge heart for underwater marine life. He has over 2,000 dives underwater, almost all with a camera or two in hand. He runs the website www.ladiving.org, is the author of the Underwater field guide of california, was a Los Angeles Underwater Photographic Society board member, and runs monthly non-profit photography charters to help promote local underwater photography. He has appeared in several marine life and coffee table books, had a full length article come out in Dive Magazine, was featured on the cover of California Diving News and was the LAUPS photographer of the year for 2010. Scott has also done extensive nature and wildlife photography throughout the world with his wife who also dives.




Here I am in Brazil at the geodesic center of South America, wearing my "cobra protection" boots - about to hike into a cave.