Honorable Mention Mirrorless Macro Ocean Art 2016 Peter McGee

Honorable Mention Mirrorless Macro

Peter McGee

"Brilliant Disguise"


Peter won a $100 gift certificate from Bluewater Photo or Bluewater Travel



The story:  Capturing interesting subjects against attractive backgrounds takes patience and luck. I followed this mimic filefish as it meandered among the corals on the wreck f the USS Liberty. As we approached a large fan I hoped for the best. The small filefish inspected the fan, pausing momentarily to look my way.  I had the shot I wanted. These fish live a remarkable life of deception. The brilliant markings of the Mimic filefish: (Paraluteres prionuru) mimic those of poisonous Saddled Puffer (Canthigaster valentine). Looking almost identical to a toxic species discourages predators from eating you, allowing the mimic filefish to wander the reef with confidence.   

Location:  Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia

Camera:  Sony NEX7 and Sony 18-55mm Lens (F16, 1/160, ISO 200) with Nauticam Housing and Dual Inon Strobes.



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