4th Place Wide-Angle Ocean Art 2016 Tony Cherbas

4th Place Wide-Angle

Tony Cherbas

"Curious Animals"


Tony won a $200 gift certificate from Bluewater Photo or Bluewater Travel


The story:  I noticed this trumpetfish hunting along the reef and approached slowly as to not disturb it. I could not get low enough to compose using the viewfinder, so I used the dome port's reflection to compose. I noticed snorkelers overhead watching me and to my surprise one of them had unintentionally entered the frame when I pressed the shutter, doing an adequate job of modeling. This composition just happened by chance and would be a very difficult endeavor to recreate. 

Location:  Kauai, Hawaii, USA

Camera:  Canon 7D Mark II and Canon 8-15mm (F22, 1/250, ISO100 ) with Nauticam Housing and Dual Inon z240 Strobes. 



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