4th Place Compact Macro Ocean Art 2016 Melody Chuang

4th Place Compact Macro

Melody Chuang

"Leopard Shrimp"


Melody won a $100 gift certificate from Bluewater Photo or Bluewater Travel



The Story:  In this summer end in Taiwan NorthEast Coast, in one night dive, I found this gorgeous Leopard Anemone Shrimp in the depth of 25 meter,standing proudly on the Leopard Anemone . I was so attracted by her blue eyes and her elegant pose as this was my first time to see. I tried many shots using snoot, and bottom time almost left 1 minute; finally I got her unique pose with the shinning blue eyes. Look at her color and perfect disguise, I do believe everyone will fall in love with this fantastic Leopard Shrimp

Location:  Secret Garden of North-East Coast, Taiwan 

Camera: Canon G16 (F8, 1/250, ISO 80) with Snooted Inon Z240 Strobe.


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