3rd Place Portrait Ocean Art 2016 Anders Salesjö

3rd Place Portrait

Anders Salesjö

"Grey Triggerfish"


Anders won a 3 day dive package from Scuba Seraya


The Story:  On diving trip to Azores to picture blue sharks I found those lovely triggerfishes, or actually they found me. On an ordinarie shore dive I was down at the bottom picturing sea urchin, algae and some demersal fish. Then I look up from the view-finder I realize I have got a school of triggerfishes chasing my bubbles. Carefully I rise from the bottom up in free water and stort to picture them. They were really curious and started biting the domeport of the camera housing just as they were trying to bite my bubbles. The problem was not to get them close enough, it was to get flash light in there faces, because they were to close.  

Location: Pico, Azores, Portugal

Camera: Fuji S5Pro (F16, 1/15, ISO 200), Tokina 10-17mm fisheye @11.5mm, Seacam housing, dual Seacam strobes.


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