2nd Place Novice DSLR Ocean Art 2016 Markus Hunkel

2nd Place Novice DSLR

Markus Hunkel

"Blues in the Blue"


Markus won a 7-night dive package, unlimited shore diving and free bure upgrade from Wananavu


The Story:  On our trip through the Acores we arrived in Fajal and stopped over at Norberto Divers, a kind of “Original” of the Acores and known for whale watching and exploring the world down in the ocean, also visiting famous places like Princess Alice Banks and Condor Banks. For visiting the Acores it was rather early in the season - and the warming sun as well as anything big like morbulas or even sharks haven’t been spotted that much. I was especially interested in hopefully spotting some blue sharks at Condor Banks, but learned, that Condor Banks was actually free of sharks this year. In general, the number of spotted sharks at the Acores is going down year by year … somehow might be a bill for catching up to nine blue sharks with long-lines to catch one swordfish – at least finning is banned now from the Acores and hopefully the populations are coming up again. This in mind we approached a new place called Pedro Do Sousa instead of Condor banks, where fishers have regularly brought up squids which has been bitten by blue sharks. The sharks are attracted by 'chumming'. This starts with tossing chunks of sardines and fish blood overboard. We waited for nearly 2 hours, when suddenly two sharks came up from about more then 400 meters depth to check out the food. Going into the water they where quite curious for some minutes, then diving down again out of sight, any coming back again and circling around us. I was deeply moved by the smart movements and the way, the where focusing their eye on me. Again and again, their moving eyes – somehow knowing every second who is guest and who’s the landlord. Diving into the picture, I still can recall the moment – the moving eyes of the blue sharks focusing on us, with nothing but blue around us.

P.S.: Haven’t eaten any swordfish since then.

Location:  Pedro Do Sousa, Fajal / Acores

Camera:  Sony A7II and Sony 16-35mm Fisheye Lens (F11, 1/200, ISO 200) with Ikelite Housing and Dual Ikelite DS161 Strobes.



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