1st Place Macro Ocean Art 2016 Dennis Corpuz

1st Place Macro

Dennis Corpuz

"Amazing Squid"


Dennis won a 7 night liveaboard cruise with S/Y Palau Siren 



The story:  I saw this Bobtail squid hovering roughly 6 inches near the bottom (very rare behavior). I suspected it was looking for some prey. I gently move backward to configure and confirmed my camera settings. Once done, I slowly approached to the squid and eventually tried to swim against me. It hover and flared (open) their tentacles in just a matter of 3-7 seconds. Luckily, I successfully managed to get some few shots before it finally dwelt into the sand.  

Location: Anilao, Philippines

Camera: Nikon D7000 and Nikkor 105mm Macro Lens (F25, 1/250, ISO 160) with Sea & Sea housing.



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