1st Place Pool-Conceptual Ocean Art 2016 Christian Miller

1st Place Pool-Conceptual

Christian Miller

"Got It!"


Christian won a 9-night dive package and 10% discount for a companion with Critters@Lembeh Resort and Murex Dive Resorts



The Story:  Since 2010 i am involved in Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation and remain Director for a facility in Far North Queensland. When we had to build a larger and better hospital i tried to make my photographic skills of use to raise awareness but also funds to be able to operate. When you care for Turtles there are 3 moments that make you happy. First when they start eating, second when they come up for a breath, and lastly when they get released back to the wild. This Turtle in the images we called Eva. She had a very i would say cheeky character and was one of the few Turtles in care that posed for my camera. I wanted to document and tell a story about the individual Turtles and add some real drama to it. All i did was to add some motion blur to the background, enhance the colours and create more contrast by using dodge & burn techniques. 

Location:  Fitzroy Island, Queensland, Australia

Camera:  Nikon D800 and Tokina 10-17mm Lens (F9 1/200, ISO 200) with Aquatica Housing



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