1st Place Nudibranchs Ocean Art 2016 Rafael Cosme

1st Place Nudibranchs

Rafael Cosme



Rafael won a 7-night dive package on a deluxe bungalow with Villa Markisa



The Story:  To take this photo I used the inon lens UFL-M150 ZM80 inon lens (microfisheye) and the ring flash EasyFitDive that allows me to direct through optical fiber cable the light distributed in the image. A simple way to carry a single camera with the lens and ring  flash in one hand or small pocket. The fantastic Matahari Tulamben resort guide (Wayan Eda Lata) Found these two nudibranchs by mating and compose the shot with my wife as a model on the back of the image. This type of lens provides an effective CFWA effect.

Location:  Tulamben, Indonesia

Camera:  Canon S100 (F8, 1/50, ISO 320) with EasyFitDive Ring Flash



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