1st Place Compact Macro Ocean Art 2016 Lawrence Alex Wu

1st Place Compact Macro

Lawrence Alex Wu

"Our Enchanted Forest"


Lawerence Alex won a liveaboard trip on any of their cruises and a 50% off a companion with S.M.Y. Ondina



The Story:  Yes, this is a marine animal and if you asked, "What is it?", then you've asked the same question as everyone else! What's more important though, is where is it?...and the answer is that it is from our Oceans! ...Part of our heritage, and one that we need to save! 

Unrevealing as it is, this 2cm forest like structure is the inside of a Common Sea Squirt, Class: Ascidiacea, subphylum Urochordata...from our Magical World underwater! 

Location:  Anilao, Philippines

Camera: Olympus c5050Z (F8, 1/2000, ISO 64) with Ikelite DS125 Strobe



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