5th Place Portrait Ocean Art 2015 David Salvatori

5th Place Portrait

David Salvatori

"The Prince"



David won a gift certificate from Bluewater Travel!


The story:  The picture of this toad was taken in Sant'Agostino lake (more a pond than a lake, three hundred meters long and 50 wide, 5 m deep maximum); this lake is located between the villages of Quarona and Roccapietra in the Sesia valley and it derives its name from the country chapel of saint Agostino.

Agostino came here from Algeria, he was baptized by  saint Ambrose and then, according to legend,  he worked to convert the Arians of the valley. The small lake is nursery for several species of frogs and toads in particular, coming here from all the surrounding area. In the Spring (normally in the two weeks around Easter) the frogs start to move and reach the reproductive area where the females, after the coupling procedures, lay long strings of eggs from which after a few days thousands of tadpoles are born. The strings of eggs are laid on the bottom of the lake and they consist of 3-4 meters long gelatinous strings containing up to 5,000 eggs that, after fertilization has occurred, give rise to larval forms, the tadpoles; after a process of metamorphosis that takes 2-3 months the tadpoles become adults, leave the waters of the lake and they disperse in the environment. During mating many toads are killed preyed by hawks, buzzards, crows, curly or simply end up crushed. The show attracts curious and passionate because such a high concentration of toads is really hard to find. It’s really important to proceed with caution and be careful where you put your feet.

Location:  Sant'Agostino lake (VC) - Italy

Camera:  Nikon D800E, Nikkor 60mm macro lens, Seacam housing, 1 Seacam 150D strobe.

Settings:  ISO 320, f/22, 1/250s



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