1st Place Compact Behavior Ocean Art 2015 Jack Berthomier

1st Place, Compact Marine Life Behavior

Jack Berthomier

"Fast strike of a Tylosorus crocodilus on a juvenile kyphosus vaigiensis"



Jack won a gift certificate from Bluewater!


The story:  The picture has been taken in Ouemo's Mangrove where I take 90% of my pictures and where I dive, always in freediving .This Tylosorus crocodulis was 20-25 centimeters long. The fish got used to me by swimming with him for multiple hours and days.I saw  him attacking some other small fishes on surface around 6 times. Those where hidden in floating algaes.I managed to take pictures of three of those attacks Those attacks are very rare and go very fast. I had to follow the subject for at least 3 hours a day.when  the batteries of my camera were empty , he still hadn't managed to swallow his prey which were from my point of view, too big for him.At that time, he wasn't moving anymore and as I never saw him again, I think he might have been eaten by a bigger predator as he looked vulnerable to me.Those fishes do only attack just living preys on surface and I'm not sure it could be possible to feed them.

Note:  Shot while freediving.

Location:  Ouemo Bay, Noumea, New Caledonia

Camera:  Sony RX100, Nauticam housing, internal flash only

Settings:  f 7,1, 1/1000, ISO 200



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