HM in Novice DSLR


Honorable Mention, Novice DSLR

So Yat Wai

"Skeleton Shrimp Face-on Portrait"  Shot Anilao, Philippines with Canon 5D Mark III 


So Yat Wai won a Buy-1, Get-1 Free 7-night, 5-dive package in with Manta Ray Bay & Yap Divers!


The story:  I had planned to take a skeleton shrimp face-on portrait at the start of my Anilao trip. This idea was inspired by Todd Bretl's 4th place Macro Category Ocean Art Contest 2013 photo. Finally, I had spent two complete dives and around 2 hours on this critter. It keep moving and spinning around the hydroid and made my right arm cramping. High F number could maximise the chance to keep both eyes and claws in focus. I took the shot once both eyes had sharp reflex of my focus light - I didn't waste time to check the camera preview since this active guy rarely faced my lens and kept turning. 

Location:  Anilao, Philippines

Camera:  Canon 5D Mark III, Sea & Sea housing, Canon 100mm lens, Nauticam SMC, dual Inon Z240 strobes

Settings:  f29, 1/250, ISO 200


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