HM in Divers & Fashion


Honorable Mention, Divers and Fashion

Massimo Giorgetta

"Maira the Mirror"  Shot at a pool in Latina, Italy with Nikon D700


The story:  This photo was taken just below the surface, using one of three strobes: a YS-D1 flash at low power with indirect light, 1 YS-D1 flash with soft filter on tripod on the right of the subject at low power, and one SB105 flash with soft filter on tripod on the left of the subject medium power. All flashes were connected to the master flash on the camera with fiber optic cables.

Location:  A pool in Latina, Italy.

Camera:  Nikon D700, Seacam housing, Nikkor 28mm lens, 3 strobes (two Sea & Sea YS-D1, one Nikonos SB105)

Settings:  f14, 1/200, ISO 100


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