5th Place Portrait


5th Place, Portrait

Lill Haugen

"Welcome to the Shark Side"  Shot in Reve, Norway with Nikon D300


Lill won her choice of Indonesia liveaboard itinerary with companion at 50% off on the SMY Ondina!


The story:  Every summer, the critically endangered mini-shark “spiny dogfish” (Squalus acanthias) gather in numbers, to feed or bread, in the shallow waters of the Norwegian South coast. For a few weeks only, divers can admire these friendly and very curious big-eyed beauties - face to face.

Location:  Reve, Norway

Camera:  Nikon D300, Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens, Nexus housing, dual Ikelite DS160 strobes

Settings:  f4, 1/125, ISO 400


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