3rd Place Nudibranchs


3rd Place, Nudibranchs

Diana Pabloojian

"Peep's Lil Sheep"  Shot in Tulamben, Bali with Nikon D7100


Diana won her choice of $200 gift certificate with Bluewater Photo or Bluewater Travel!



The story:  This little slug was the top critter on my list for this trip. They are so small that I could barely make it out without looking through the lens. Due to it’s size (approx. 4mm) and slight current I had to really concentrate on staying still for the picture. My goal was to keep it head on so I had to shift with it while keeping it in focus, all the while trying to fill the frame with the subject.  It was one of the most difficult yet rewarding shots of my life!

Location:  Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia

Camera:  Nikon D7100, Nikkor 105mm Lens, Nauticam housing, Nauticam SMC, dual YS-D1 strobes.

Settings:  f22, 1/250, ISO 100


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