3rd Place Behavior


2nd Place, Marine Life Behavior

Steven Kovacs

"Pike Blenny Fight"  Shot in Florida, USA with Nikon D7000


Steven won a 9-night dive and stay package in Indonesia with Alor Divers!


The story:  For a couple of months there were an unusually large number of Pike Blennies that had taken up residence at the Blue Heron Bridge. As a result I was able to spend many dives just observing their behavior.  On one particular dive, I was observing one of the male blennies displaying for a nearby female when suddenly another male came out of its hole from a few feet away and aggressively swam towards the unsuspecting male in full display mode with mouth open and fins flared out.  Fortunately I was quick enough to capture a photograph of the drama unfold.

Location:  Riviera Beach, Florida, USA

Camera:  Nikon D7000, Nikkor 105mm macro lens, Ikelite housing, dual Ikelite DS-160 strobes

Settings:  f/29, 1/250, ISO 200


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