1st Place Cold Water


1st Place Cold Water

Lill Haugen

"Bigmouth"  Shot in Ørsta, Norway with Nikon D300


Lill won her choice of Indonesia liveaboard itinerary with companion at 50% off on the SMY Ondina!


The story: Divers on the north-western coast of Norway sometimes find really huge angler fish. This odd looking, well camouflaged ocean floor dweller has an enormous mouth - planning to ambush and eat anything that comes along, attracting its prey with a "lure", which is connected to a fishing rod-like thing on top of its head. This cold water fish can get seriously large - 2 meters long and over 100 kilograms...!

Location:  Ørsta, in the North-west of Norway, in the local fjord at 25 meters depth

Camera: Nikon D300, Nexus housing, 2x Ikelite DS160 Substrobes

Settings:  f6.3, 1/100, ISO 400


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