Honorable Mention Compact Macro Category


Honorable Mention, Compact Macro

Will Clark


Blue-ringed octopus at night


Canon PowerShot S110   F8 1/800th ISO100

Having flooded my DSLR halfway through my recent trip to the amazingly biodiverse Lembeh Strait, I was grateful to be lent a little compact camera by a friend so I could continue shooting. My buddy Arthur and I followed this beautiful little blue-ringed octopus, which has the potential to deliver a fatally poisonous bite, until it landed on this sponge for a few minutes, where I had enough time to get the lighting just right using a snoot on my strobe to get this 'spotlight' effect. It seemed to perform a display by curling its arms and flashing its neon blue rings as if to warn us not to try to eat it... I was content just to photograph it however.