4th Place Nudibranch Category


4th Place Nudibranchs

Phil Sokol


Colorful nudibranch against black background

Phil won a Bluewater Travel gift certificate


Canon 7D, Canon 100mm lens
F14, 1/250, ISO 160, 2 x Inon Z240 strobes

We were exploring the far side of Horseshoe Bay, Komodo, Indonesia across from the island of Rinca.  In a small, protected cove, we followed the wall down to the sandy slope and strated to go deeper.  In the middle of the sand, atop a small rock as if posing was the most magnificent nudibranch I had ever seen!  I was able to position myself further down the slope and get below him and he maintained his pose, allowing me to get a couple shots before he began to move off his perch.