4th Place Macro Category


4th Place Macro

Todd Bretl


Skeleton shrimp detail

Todd won a DUI weight & trim package and gear bag


Nikon D7000, 105mm lens + 1.4x teleconverter and SubSee +10
F29, 1/320th, ISO 400

One of the nice things about Anilao is that its easy to revisit a dive site, find the same critters, and try again. This shot involved a lot of trying again (and muffled cursing). I was set on getting a near full-frame head-on shot with eyes and both claws in focus. The depth of field at this magnification was close to zero, these little guys do not like to stay perfectly still, and there was a fair amount of tidal surge/current. I'd search around for some skeleton shrimp as shallow as possible to maximize my bottom time, lay down in the sand with my elbows as a tripod, and try over and over to get the shot (boring my dive guide to tears). Eventually I got this.