1st Place Novice DSLR Category


1st Place Novice DSLR

Mohamad Abdulla


A jellyfish reflects at the surface

A stay with Lissenung Island Resort, Papua New Guinea


Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 100mm macro, F9, 1/200th, ISO 100

This is a jellyfish with its reflection on the surface, I shot this on a dive site in the Arabian gulf, specifically AbuDhabi, the site is called luduiq.

I was diving for nudibranches on luduiq, which is a wreck. I finished my third dive early because it was getting dark, and I already had enough nudibranch shots. On my safety stop I saw hundreds of jellyfish all  over the place, so I went up and me and my buddy were  the first divers out of the water. I told the boat captain that I will stay on the surface and he could pick me up when everyone is out of the water. I was so lucky that the water was super calm. It was getting dark so I was getting amazing reflections, the only problem was that I had to get below the surface for a meter and hold my breath so the bubbles wont breakethe surface.  Fortunately I am a pretty good freediver so I was able to manage. The gulf is pretty warm in the summer, and I didn't have a wetsuit on ... no wetsuit,  a sea full of jellies, it was not as fun as it sounds.