1st Place Macro Category


1st Place Macro

Jeffrey Milisen


Pelagic octopus in Kona, Hawaii

Jeff won a stay at Kosrae Nautilus Resort, Micronesia



Canon T1i, Canon 60mm, 1/160th  F10, ISO 400  

I was five miles off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii at night where even a vivid imagination couldn't dream up the body plans that appear from the depths.  The pelagic plankton community abounds with species never before described by science, such as this 4-inch long cephalopod.  The tiny octopus stopped in my lights, intently studying me as I studied it, and then began to expressively posture and react to my every move.  The cephalopod would move into position then freeze for a few seconds before adjusting its exaggeratedly long arms again.  It went through probably a dozen different poses before moving on and into far deeper water than my comparably feeble physiology would allow.