1st Place Behavior Category


1st Place Behavior

Jorgen Rasmussen


Sailfish eating a fish separated from the bait ball

Jorgen won a trip on the amazing Waow Liveaboard


Nikon D800E,  Nikon 14-24mm lens @14mm
F7, 1/250th, ISO 320, Ikelite DS-161 strobe

Sailfish are the world’s fastest fish and swims as fast as chetahs run. Speed is important for sailfish but every part of this amazing fish has a function. When cruising, sailfish are silver and the extraordinary dorsal fin lays flat making them perfectly camouflaged against the blue ocean.

The hunt starts by chasing the sardines from the deep to the surface and forming a ball. To achieve this, they work in large groups. They change their pale body color to dark brown with electric blue and purple patterns. By raising their sail-like dorsal fin they block the escape routes when rounding up the sardines and chase them to the surface. This is where the real frenzy starts. While some of the group blocks escape routes, others start feeding. They use they long bill not as a spear but more like a knife. With precision, they pick out a sardine from the ball. With a quick head flick, they injure the sardine badly. All left to do is to pick up the injured fish. Truly amazing!