Muck Diving Guide

Muck Diving Information for Underwater Photographers

By Scott Gietler


For many underwater photographers, muck diving is their favorite activities. On muck dives, underwater photographers find rare nudibranchs, juvenile fish, frogfish, and strange critters that are found no where else. And they then spend a long time photographing them. For some people, a muck dive is their favorite place to practice underwater photography.


Muck dive sites often have large patches of sand, often rich volcanic black sand, with small patches of life here and there. But these patches are rich in critters, such as seahorses, frogfish, and cuttlefish. In the sand one can often find gobies, mantis shrimp, octopus and more.


Muck Diving Preparation

  • Learn the critters in the area. Develop a critter list.
  • Find a good dive guide.
  • Have the right dive equipment - a large tank full of nitrox is the best, with stiff fins that don't silt up the area when you kick
  • Plan to dive the sites during the day and night for different opportunities. Here's more about dive planning
  • Have a good dive light or focus light
  • Get excited when it's rainy or cloudy - more critters will be out


Tiny frogfish from Anilao, found muck diving

Tiny frogfish from a muck dive in Anilao. F18, 60mm + 1.4x teleconverter


Best Muck Diving Locations

Contact me to tell me about your own local muck dive.


Muck Diving Underwater Photography Tips


Further Reading

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wonderpus octopus

Muck diving can produce rare underwater photography treats, like this wonderpus octopus. F11, 60mm lens + 1.4x teleconverter


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My friends and I loves to

My friends and I loves to dive and we are now planning to visit this diving place you shared as we finish here in cebu diving club for few days.