Sea & Sea DX-2G Underwater Camera Review

Sea & Sea DX 2G Underwater Camera and Housing Set, a great choice for beginner underwater photographers

Sea & Sea DX-2G review by Shawn Rener



DX-2G Sea&Sea Camera

DX-2G Sea&Sea Camera



 DX-2G Sea&Sea Camera, rear view

Dx-2G Sea&Sea Camera, rear view



Intro & characteristics of the Sea & Sea DX 2G Underwater Camera

  • Who would buy this camera
  • What do buyers get when they purchase this camera


Some technical features on the sea & Sea DX 2G Underwater Camera

  • Technical Information
  • Type of files this camera supports


DX-2G Wide Angle & Macro capability

  •  Wide Angle wet lens options, test photos with different wet lenses
  • Macro magnification at different zoom levels


Sea & Sea DX 2G underwater photos

  • Some great images to show what this camera is capable of doing


Conclusions about the Sea & Sea DX 2G Underwater Camera


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