Oly E-PL1 UW Photos

Underwater photos taking in the Great barrier reef with the Olympus E-PL1, Olympus underwater housing, 14-42mm kit lens, ambient light - no strobes, red filter, jpeg mode. Color corrected using auto-level in Aperture. Photos by Gustavo Valladares, more photos on his flickr page. I think the photos look very nice, as expected based on the topside E-PL1 image tests.

Gustavo is new to underwater photography, and I think he made a good decision using natural light, since his dives were in shallow, well-lit water with good visibility. The white sand and rocks on the great barrier reef make using a strobe difficult for beginners, since they are so reflective they produce hot spots.

olympus e-pl1 underwater photo

 F6.3, 1/125th, ISO 200

olympus e-pl1 underwater photo

 F4.5, 1/60th, ISO 200

olympus e-pl1 underwater photography

 F5.6, 1/100th, ISO 200

olympus e-pl1 underwater photography

 F5.6, 1/100th, ISO 200

I have a few final comments. I feel that these photos look good and are a fair representation of what you can get underwater with the Olympus E-PL1 in natural light, in clear shallow water. Note that apertures used are around F5.6, so as you can tell these photos don't have great depth of field. For 40% more depth of field, AV mode at F8 could have been used at ISO 400,.

I'm often hesitant to have people look at underwater photos when judging a camera, because 9.5 times out of 10 the photos speak more about the photographer, their ability to light, compose, or find subjects, and the conditions than the camera.



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Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the review and comment which is very helpful. I am in the process of buying a camera for UW and trying to decide between Olympus epl1 and Canon G12.

Nice colours indeed, i use

Nice colours indeed, i use one with a sea sea ys-01. for more uw pics of the epl-1 see: http://robertvantrigt.jalbum.net/Malaysia/ (using the kit lens only).

wow, what a nice photos! I'll

wow, what a nice photos!

I'll have the same gear setup for underwater camera in the next week.
Thanks for sharing.

have you tried video on

have you tried video on E-PL1? i am considering this camera for using both and would like to hear your impressions, if any.

 I did try it! - post this

 I did try it! - post this question in the discussion forum please and I'll share the experiences there

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