Flood Insurance, Dive Travel Packing List


Essential packing list for underwater photography

  • Camera & lenses, housings, ports, strobes, arms, TTL converter, o-rings, etc..
  • Chargers for cameras & strobe batteries, if the are proprietary
  • Dive gear, including 2 computers
  • Desiccants
  • Lens paper, blower, q-tips, paper towels, lint-free cloth, o-ring grease
  • Small toolkit (wrench, pliers, Allen wrenches, duct tape, cable ties)
  • Adapter plugs for foreign plug types
  • Power strip with *surge protector*
  • Lots of batteries, a few chargers
  • Focus light
  • 2 lights for night dives
  • Memory cards

Spare parts and batteries

  • The most important spares to bring are batteries for your dive computer, TTL converter, camera and strobes;
  • Spare o-rings and cords, lots of extra batteries
  • spare memory cards
  • If shooting macro, you will need a spare dive light or a focus light for night dives

Other spares: If possible, bring spare equipment, in this order of importance: batteries, battery charger, sync-cords, strobe, o-rings, diffusers, camera body, camera housing. Obviously bringing a spare body and housing depends on your budget


Additional Items:

  • Laptop, external hard drive, USB cable to connect camera to laptop, and in addition a card reader for your memory card. Always have 2 ways to load your photos onto your computer.


  • Power adapter / converters. Check if your destination is 220 or 110. Don't plug in a 110 battery charger in a 220 power source unless your cord says 110-220 volts! Many people have fried equipment this way. This is a very important check.


Flood Insurance

Insuring your Dive Camera


This is easy – buy it, and don’t look back! Dive with confidence. DAN and DEPP are the 2 leading insurance providers, but DAN is only available to people living in the USA. DAN works well for me, and for other people that I know. DEEP seems to have mixed reviews, and some people have been experiencing long waits with them. I recommend DAN if you live in the USA.


DAN and DEPP work slightly differently, DAN will pay you replacement value in cash, while DEPP only will pay for an equivalent piece of equipment.





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