Underwater Photography Resources

By Scott Gietler

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Inspirational Underwater Photos


Note: this is not meant to be a complete list of the best underwater photographers. Rather, these links are quick sources of inspiration, photographers with good web sites that have a great personal portfolios easily accessible. There are many more besides these.


Chris Newbert underwater photography. My first choice for inspiration!



David Hall underwater photography



Shannon Conway underwater photography



David Doubilet underwater photography



Alex Mustard underwater photography

http://www.amustard.com/?page=port_galo08 (requires FLASH)


Frans Lanting Inpirational nature & wildlife photography



Underwater photography Forums

www.uwphotographyguide.com/forum - our own forums, and a great place to get help


www.wetpixel.com - popular forums, also runs dive trips and has news. Run by Eric Cheng.


Underwater Photography Magazines / Articles

www.uwpmag.com - free pdf magazine that comes out every 2 months with underwater photography articles. Published by Peter Rowlands.

www.divephotoguide.com - website has new articles on underwater photography every couple of weeks  + news, galleries and runs dive trips. Published by Jason Heller.



General photography info / forums




Weather and nature photography


Technical photography info




Lens reviews

Ken Rockwell - www.kenrockwell.com

Tom Hogan - http://www.bythom.com/

Photozone - http://www.photozone.de/Reviews/overview

Bjorn Rorslett - http://www.naturfotograf.com/index2.html


Books on general photography & nature photography

I recommend any photography books by the authors John Shaw, Michael Freeman, Jon Cox, & Tim Fitzharris.


Concepts of nature, by Andy Rouse, is an excellent wildlife photography book.



Further reading on Underwater photography

I recommend any books by Martin Edge (the underwater photographer), Howard Hall & Brian Skerry (the later edition with both Authors), and Jim Church's composition book (may be hard to find). There are many other excellent underwater photography books out there, but those were the ones most useful for me personally.


Writeups on Underwater Photographer's Blogs

Simon Mittag's Underwater Blog

Tony Wu's Blog

Mike Bear's Rapture of the Deep Blog


Misc & Friends

Southern California Kayaking Trips

Rapture of the Deep

Submerge Camera

Giant Stride Dive Boat

Randy Harwood Dentistry


Underwater Photography Glossary


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Great stuff. Thanks for this

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