Nikon 10-24mm lens review

Review of the Nikon 10-24mm lens
By Scott Gietler

Nikon 10-24mm lens review

Using the Nikon 10-24mm F3.5/4.5 lens in underwater photography

By Scott Gietler


By friend Wilfried Niedermayr just returned from a trip using the Nikon 10-24mm wide-angle lens.  As expected, the lens performed well.



This lens has the same focal length as a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye at 10mm, and the Nikon 10.5mm fisheye, without the distortion or ultra-wide angle of view that a fisheye lens gives.


nikon 10-24mm lens


Which means compared to an equivalent fisheye lens

  • It will be easier to light that a fisheye lens

  • The size of objects in the middle will be the same

  • Straight lines will be preserved

  • The additional zoom to 24mm means this lens will be better for skittish sharks & pelagics than a fisheye lens


Wilfried says, "What I like about the Nikkor 10-24mm lens is that it is a wide angle lens with which I can zoom a little. I use it when I dive and I am not sure if I will get as close to a object / fish as I would like to get. So I still have the ability to zoom the object a little closer, but I am still able to do wide angle shots which are my favoured way of taking pictures. But my most favoured lens is the Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye."

The Tokina 12-24mm lens is also a good choice for underwater, but the Nikon 10-24mm goes wider, and has a closer focus distance, two big pluses.

A quick look at my nikon underwater lens chart shows that it has an excellent close-focus distance of 24cm, just like the Sigma 10-20mm lens. Max magnification ratio is 1:5. This lens is for cropped-sensor cameras like the Nikon D90 or D300s. Largest aperture is F3.5 at 10mm, F4.5 at 24mm.

Here is the topside review from Photozone. If want to shoot wide-angle topside with a DX lens, I highly recommend a lens that is 10mm at the widest point. I own the Sigma 10-20mm lens. The lens is $800 USD on

I will continue to use my Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens for reefs and schools of fish, but some people will definitely prefer the Nikon 10-24mm lens for certain types of shots.


Nikon 10-24mm underwater photos

Taken with a Seacam 9-inch glass superdome, 30mm extension ring, no diopter. Most domes will work best with a 30-40mm extension ring when using this lens, and maybe a +2 diopter, although one is not needed with Seacam's 9 inch port.


Photos by Wilfried Niedermayr

 humpback whale with nikon 10-24mm lens underwater

Humpback Whale in Silver Bank, Dominican Republic. F11, 1/125th, ISO 200 


underwater photo with a nikon 10-24mm wide-angle lens


nikon 10-24mm lens underwater photography



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Question- I am using a D200

Question- I am using a D200 with a Sea &Sea housing, NX Dome port. I have been using the system for the past couple of months and the pictures tend to be slightly out of focus (noticeable on enlargements). Do you recommend using the extension ring and a diopter? Thank you.

Question- I am using a D200

Question- I am using a D200 with the 10-24mm in a Sea & Sea Hosuing using a NX dome port. I have been using the system for a couple of months and pictures tend to be very slightly out of focus (noticeable on enlargements). Do you recommend also using the extension ring as well as a diopter? Thank you.

Thankyou Very Much Sir, Will

Thankyou Very Much Sir, Will Do That


Salil S Sahani
Wildlife Photographer Freelance

Hello Sir Wanted to Ask You I

Hello Sir Wanted to Ask You I have D300 and I Am Planning to Buy Ikelite Housing for It along with 10-24mm Nikon Lens and Ikelite 5510.45 8” Dome + 5510.22 Port Body for the Lens
Also a B&W +2 Diopter
Is This Setup Ok for taking Good Photos Or do I Need an Extension Ring as Mentioned Above


Salil S Sahani
Wildlife Photographer Freelance

ikelite port bodies

ikelite port bodies 5510.11,16,22,24 act like extension rings of different sizes, so you won't need a separate extension ring.  You might want to test 5510.16 and 5510.22 to see which gives you the best corner sharpness. - Scott 

Scott Gietler Owner/Editor, Underwater Photography Guide & Bluewater Photo